Aid agencies to arrive in Syria

International aid agencies are moving in to Homs, Syria to rescue the trapped residents.

The International Red Cross will be moving into the Baba Amr district of Homs to rescue its affected residents, the aid agency revealed.

A convoy of seven trucks will be moving into Baba Amr today, but snow and rubble was causing difficulties for the movement of the convoy, a spokesperson from the International Committee of Red Cross told Sky News today.

The move comes after rebel troops were pushed back by Syrian government forces and fears were raised about the security of the residents. The opposition party, Syrian National Council (SNC) had warned of a “massacre” in Baba Amr, in light of the retreat by rebel fighters. This warning urged the international community to rescue the civilians stuck in Homs.

Meanwhile, the office for the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights appealed to Syria to explain unconfirmed reports of 17 “grisly” executions as forces overran Baba Amr.

Map showing the uprising in Homs

“We are alarmed at reports starting to come out of the Babr Amr district of Homs after it was taken over by Syrian forces yesterday,” said spokesman Rupert Colville. However, he added that the 17 killings could not be confirmed.

While the international community continues to condemn the killings in Syria, Russia and China have come under criticism for not opposing the Human Rights violations.

With inputs from: AFP, Sky News, BBC News

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