The Breaker Pledge

On MA Multimedia Journalism, we made a formal commitment to the values we want to uphold by administering a journalism oath to our new reporters. We call it the Breaker Pledge. Read about the inspiration. Or listen to it below:

The Pledge, in text

I do solemnly commit to upholding the highest standards of journalism as is within my skills to execute.

I understand that journalism bestows on the practitioner great power. I understand with such power comes great responsibility. I promise never to misuse my journalism. I promise to treat it as a privilege — mine to cherish, mine to protect.

I believe in a journalism that effects change, that strives to make the world better. I believe in a journalism that is fair and accurate. And I believe in a journalism that is solutional where possible. As such, I will strive to bring depth and perspective to the work I offer, so that it may inform as well as enlighten.

I commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I will value differences. I will make a conscious effort to provide meaningful representation to diversities in all my newswork and news practices. I commit to fighting hatred and discrimination. I commit to protecting human rights.

I will obtain my reportage by honest and open means except in exceptional circumstances that are overwhelmingly in the public interest, and where evidence cannot be obtained otherwise. I will work hard to ensure my journalism does not hurt others unless justified by overriding consideration of public interest.

I will protect the secrecy of my confidential sources to ensure the public’s right to know is not thwarted by conspiracies of silence.

In taking this pledge, I proudly join the tradition of journalism upheld by The Breaker and promise to be a responsible, accountable, and compassionate journalist.