Appeal for information following destruction of protected tree in Broadstone

Poole Council have launched an appeal for information after a protected tree in Broadstone has been virtually destroyed by heavy pruning.

The incident, which took place between Christmas and New Year, involved a protected Ash tree located in the Lloyds Bank car park on Lower Blandford Road. The tree is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old and is unlikely to recover from the excessive pruning. The council are unclear as to exactly when and how the incident occurred.

“It’s been absolutely decimated”

Broadstone councillor Mike Brooke said: “It’s been absolutely decimated. Most of the main branches have been cut off and it’s been left with a few prongs and one or two spindly branches, so it’s lost and awful lot of height and at the moment we don’t actually know if it’s going to survive.

“Being a protected tree, it should not of been touched at all. And it’s very sad, because you don’t get many ash trees in the centre of a residential and urban area.”

“Not only is this illegal, it is also anti-social and harmful to the environment”

Cllr John Rampton, Borough of Poole Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said: “The council takes the illegal damage to trees very seriously and we are urging local residents to contact us if they know anything about this incident. Not only is this illegal, it is also anti-social and harmful to the environment.”

Investigations into an incident are ongoing and the council is appealing for anyone with information to contact Andy Dearing on 01202 633316 or e-mail

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