Apple mystery to be revealed

Apple has sent out invitations to journalists with the quote “We have something you really have to see. And touch”, without explaining the reason why. Andria Archontides explores the mystery behind Apple’s invitation.

Apple Inc. has invited journalists to San Francisco on the 7th March where everyone expects the introduction of the new iPad 3.

Apple has sent out invitations with the quote: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” These were distributed to media outlets on Tuesday with an image showing part of an iPad screen. CNBC is among the news media organisations that have received an invitation.

More than 55 million iPad tablets were sold worldwide since it debuted in 2010. Rival PC and phone makers have been unable to mirror Apple’s success with their own tablet computers.

Rumours say that iPad 3’s screen will be sharper creating better images and will have faster cellular broadband options. The new iPad is expected to feature a QXGA Retina Display panel with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, amounting to 264 pixels per inch according to the website  Apple Insider.

Steve Jobs revealing the Ipad 2. Fans speculate on more innovation in Ipad 3. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The release date for the new device is not yet known. Last year, sales of the iPad 2 began in the U.S. nine days after the announcement.

According to Strategy Analytics, several Android mobiles such as Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom, have raised their sales with approximately 10% and reached 38% of the industry’s sales. The AFP writes that Apple dethroned software giant Microsoft in May 2010 to become the largest US technology company in terms of market cap.

AFP writes that Apple Inc.’s stock market, in general, is worth more than $500billion which makes it the world’s most valuable company and it’s valuation is more than the entire economy of Singapore.

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