In October 2012 The Breaker started a collaboration with audio distribution channel Audioboo, which saw the audio journalism produced by the post-graduate Journalism students on this site, hosted on their platform.

We are one of the first organisations of our kind to begin using Audioboo and were inspired to start using it after viewing how Sky News Radio, BBC Radio 6 and BBC London were using the platform.

The Breaker on Audioboo


About Audioboo

We’re a small team based in London UK who launched Audioboo in March 2009 as a simple way of recording audio while on the move and adding as much useful data to it as possible, such as photos, tags and location.

We’ve seen audioboo grow from a small side project in 2009 to a fully fledged business in 2010 and we’re committed to making it the platform of choice for anyone who wants to record, listen or share audio. If that’s you, then welcome.

We believe spoken word audio has been left behind in the current explosion of online innovation and we’re going to make sure that’s not the case in the future. Enjoy the service – we certainly do.

We are Jonathan del Strother, Colin Ellis, Ryan Harkins, Steve Hooley and Mark Rock.


The Audioboo Team

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