‘Being a mum of three, I already do so much’

Josey Horrell, parent and teacher

We are being affected in different ways. This will be my daughter’s second strike. I have had to work and I have had to find people to look after her for the day. I have got some nice friends who helped me out the last time. Luckily for my other two children, their school isn’t striking. However, being a mum of three, I am already doing so much.
I do supply teaching at the moment. I have felt uncomfortable, as I thought I was covering for striking teachers. If I am going to be covering for a teacher who is striking, is that really helping their case? But luckily, I covered for a teacher who was ill. That had a bit of an impact on me, knowing the right thing to do.
I personally think that for the teachers to strike, they must feel passionate about it. I know as a teacher, that we are really committed to helping children. It is a massive thing for people to strike. Teachers sometimes wouldn’t even have sick days because they wouldn’t want to let anyone down. It must be a big deal, but if people are having to work in a situation that isn’t right, how can people do their jobs?
My husband is a teacher and was at the picket lines during the last strike. He said lots of people drove past shouting abuse at them. How it is affecting them?  Times are so hard, but what we really need to do is look at the long term. I can understand why people feel upset.
In order for teachers to be able to do the best for my children, they have to make a stand. Hopefully the powers above will listen. Improvements can be made; changes can be made. Therefore, teachers can do their jobs more effectively. Consequently, my children’s education will be improved. I mean obviously if there are going to be lots of strikes, I might find that really hard. I may not be able to get friends look after my daughter all the time. The two strikes though, I understand.
As told to Nguher Ityoachimin

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