Boscombe through the lens

A photo competition aims to show the positive side of Boscombe

A photography competition is to be held for amateur photographers as part of a campaign to improve the Boscombe area.

The competition is to be run by Boscombe Regeneration Partnership, a group of organisations and agencies that includes Bournemouth Borough council, Dorset Police, the Boscombe Area Forum and others, who collaborate to make Boscombe a better place to live and work.

Community Regeneration Officer Cat McMillan said: “The purpose of the competition is about instilling pride in the area and engaging with local people to raise the profile of Boscombe.”

Residents and visitors can enter the competition by uploading five of their own images to a flickr page.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the competition so far with almost 200 photographs submitted,” said McMillan.

“I’ve lived in this area, on and off, for much of my life and I’ve seen Boscombe go downhill over the years. I’m pleased that efforts are being made to regenerate it – even if they haven’t all worked. I feel that this competition is a way of drawing attention to the good and meaningful aspects of Boscombe,” said Christine Barrett, a participant in the competition.

The competition has provided many photographers an opportunity to showcase their works.

Jenifer Bausili, another participant said: “I’m a freelance photographer from Spain and I just want the people know my work. This competition is a good start to know more about this city and its borough, Boscombe, and from the best way, the photography.”

Arts University student Adrian Capello Lorenzo also shares similar thoughts: “I am originally from Spain and I have recently moved to Bournemouth to study at Arts University Bournemouth. A friend of mine who lives in Boscombe told me about this competition so I decided to have a go at it to promote my photos”.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the competition so far with almost 200 photographs submitted.” – Cat McMillan

Bournemouth Council has come under criticism over Boscombe, with Bournemouth’s deputy mayor Phil Stanley-Watts calling on the council to make urgent improvements to Boscombe Bus Station and campaigners protesting the demolition of the BCCA. The photography competition aims to help people see the good side of Boscombe.

Antoine Saade another competitor said: “My main reason was to show Boscombe from a different point of view, from the perspective of my camera.”

“The very best photographs will form next year’s Boscombe Regeneration Partnership Calendar which will help to showcase the positive work that is taking place in the area. This positive work includes improving housing standards and reducing the number of bedsits, reducing crime and improving the environment as just some of the actions that the partnership is taking to improve the area,” said Ms. McMillan

The competition runs from 4th September to 31st October 2013. Two winners will receive £100 each in high street vouchers, and their winning image will be featured in Boscombe Regeneration Partnership’s 2014 calendar. Ten runner-ups will also have their image feature in the same calendar.

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