Boscombe traders voice safety concerns

Traders in Boscombe have voiced their concerns about a lack of safety and security in the area. Many work alone, and would like to see an increase in communication between each other and the police.

Boscombe suffers with high rates of crime and antisocial behaviour, hitting over 77 incidents of burglary and theft a month towards the end of 2011.

One Pokesdown shop owner, who was burgled on her second day open, said: “When you are on your own, there’s not a lot you can do other than run out of your own shop and leave that vulnerable.

“You’ve only got to have them pull a knife on you and demand money out of the till and that’s it – you haven’t got a choice. I’d like to see more of a safety initiative down this way.”

Emily Fisher, owner of Fishee Designs in Pokesdown agrees: “A walkie-talkie system would be amazing, or even a direct line to one of the local Police Community Support Officers”.

However, not all traders in the area feel this way. Caroline Reid, owner of Scribe Tattooing and the Tattoo Parlour and Café in Pokesdown said: “We do police this area very firmly. We don’t take any nonsense – we have a really good network here.”

Conservative councillor and Police Authority member Nick King urges traders to voice their concerns at the next monthly meeting between police, local councillors and community members on February 22nd at 896 Christchurch Road at 6pm.

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