Bournemouth campaigner ties herself into knots

A Bournemouth fundraiser has tied herself up to raise money for cancer.

A Bournemouth  fundraiser for Cancer Research has tied herself up  in a town centre shop as part of a campaign to support people suffering from cancer.

Pauline Teal, 53, of Bearwood,  ties herself up every week in the store where she works,  TK Maxx in Old Christchurch Road.

Mrs Teal, who works as a retail assistant, raised £170 in three hours. A  fundraising campaign with a charity box averages no more than £15 for the same duration, according to the store’s manager.

 Mrs Teal said: “I created a new way to get charity from people by tying myself up for three hours, which is the duration of chemotherapy treatment, asking people to help children to be freed from the disease.”

 “The reason I tie myself is to tell people that some children are  tied by cancer, so I consider myself as a messenger to let people understand what kind of detainment some people suffer from. ”

 She is calling on fundraisers across the UK to dress up differently  in order to get attention to help people in need.

Melissa Frost-Ford, 31, of Christchurch Road, said: “When you see someone chained to a wall for three hours, it really opens your eyes to the sad reality of a child’s pain during the long chemotherapy treatments. The visual reminder really makes you want to give as much money as you can to help find cure for this horrible disease.” 

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