Volunteers litter picking on Boscombe beach.

Bournemouth groups tackle global issues.

Imogen Charleston, a leading member of local organisation ‘Plastic Free Bournemouth’ explained how views on the issues addressed by the group were changing globally.

She said: “Without a doubt the Blue Planet effect, you know the TV show, has had a massive impact on people’s awareness of plastics and the pervasiveness of it in everyday life.”

“Even on beautiful, seemingly pristine beaches such as Boscombe and Bournemouth we still have this problem.”

Encouraged by this change in perspective, the group continue to do their part and organise events, such as their latest 2 hour litter pick along Boscombe beach on the 5th of November.

The group also aim to educate, Imogen said: “Sometimes people don’t realise how far down the litter goes, you know that’s why were focussing on cigarette ends and micro plastics. To show that even on  beautiful, seemingly pristine beaches such as Boscombe and Bournemouth we still have this problem.”

She admitted that: “Realistically its going to be a long journey to get Bournemouth to plastic free community status.”

Peter Ryan, leader of organisation Dorset Devils described the group as : “A community of residents who want to play our own part because we love where we live.”

He agreed with the idea that more needed to be done in Bournemouth, and said “there’s lots of things we can all do individually” and that “It needs to be spoken about more”.

Bournemouth Borough Council 

Conservative councillor and Chair of the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Panel, Mark Anderson contrast this and seemed very satisfied with the situation in Bournemouth regarding litter and rubbish. Stating that: “We’re doing an awful lot and squeezing it more and more.”

He refrenced “recycling points around town” and “removal of single use plastic from Council parks”. As well as going on to describe how the council was: “Increasing the rate of recycling, which is obviously reducing plastic and waste going to landfill.”

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