Brexit makes Bournemouth top Easter holiday destination, Travelodge says

Travelodge’s survey ranked Bournemouth 12th in their top 20 Eastercation destination this year.

The company surveyed 1,500 British adults to find out where they were going this Easter, nearly a third (32%) of whom decided to go to the seaside in cities like Bournemouth, Cornwall, Brighton, Devon and Blackpool.

The number of people who have opted for a staycation this spring holiday has doubled, from 34% in 2018 to 67%.

This is mainly due to the uncertainty of Brexit. The survey found that 72%of respondents said that Brexit is the main reason to why they are holidaying in the UK this Easter.

‘This research shows Britons are shunning holidaying abroad this Easter due to the uncertainty and complexity around Brexit. However this is great news for the UK hospitality sector as the Eastercation will kick start the 2019 holiday season by boosting the UK economy by £36 billion’, says Shakila Ahmed, a Travelodge Spokesperson.

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