Wellbeing firm calls mental health the key to businesses success

The owner of a Wellbeing consultancy firm considers good employee mental health to be crucial to higher productivity. 

Renee Clarke is the brains and vision behind Work Well hub, a wellbeing consultancy located in the heart of Poole.

The Hub works closely with clients to provide strategy development, training and health interventions.

Mrs Clark firmly believes that bettering the mental health of workers is the key to strong business growth.

And as The 2018 Happiness Survey discovered, out of a sample size of 1,024 UK workers, 43 % them admitted that they would work harder if they were happier in the roles and places of work.

An opportunity to share ideas

As part of her mission to promote productivity in businesses as well as wellbeing in staff, Mrs Clarke started The Workplace Health Forum.

The forum runs on a quarterly basis.

It’s open to both small organisations and well-known multinational such as The NHS and Merlin Entertainment. With the added objective to create partnerships and networking opportunities.

However, the Hub also encourages businesses to connect with each other and exchange ideas amongst themselves.

Mrs Clarke is clear on what she wants out of the forums.

“We want to help organisations create great places to work and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of their staff.”

So they can all learn from each other too

However, Mrs Clarke also has the finances of smaller businesses in mind, “But, we also understand that many organisations don’t have the funds or resources to do that. So, we’ve made the forum free so they can all learn from each other too.”

The next forum will be hosted in May.

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