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Immigration today has become a big thing

Immigration today has become a big thing. From the child who would want to leave their home to study abroad, to the adult who seeks better working environment just to be able to provide for their family, to the asylum seeker looking for a place of safety.

One thing is that people are daily moving away from their home(country) to settle down in a new environment(new country). This comes with its own perks. It only seems that everyone talks about why families or individuals decide to relocate and how discomforting it could be leaving one’s loved ones behind to a country where they sometimes have no family and friends. Does anyone actually consider the culture shock associated with relocating?

Before I settled for this topic, I tried so hard to swing away from the topic of ‘immigration’. I had two other topics I thought to develop but getting the right interview was harder than getting a stick of sweet out of a toddler’s hand. I had quite a number of culture shocks from my first month in the UK and I was so intent on creating contents as regards this even before I saw the assignment brief. My swing came all the way back to the topic of immigration and I suspected that a number of persons were going to develop stories as regards immigration especially with the recent news to ban international students from bringing their dependents with them. So, I thought to write on culture shock experienced by immigrants and my target audience are people who intend traveling to the UK for any purpose whether it is for study, work or even tourism. This, I consider is important as more people are constantly relocating and they need to be aware of some of the differences they’ll experience getting here.

I aimed at combining my BTS videos with few other clips for my social video. There were a lot of bloops during the recording. From the individual who couldn’t pronounce my name to the other who was really drowsy during the interview to the Brazilian whom I had to obliged to take a cup of tea so I could interview him.

The video only shows a little of the struggle we go through as reporters and journalists that nobody sees.

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