Documentaries, from years past

Journey Away From Home

A film by Abir Al Ahmar
The journey of Abdel Haleem after his escape from his country Sudan and coming to the UK.
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The Last Hunters

A film by Naomi Mihara
The magic of a waning way of life is explored through the eyes of south-coast fisherman Tom Russell.
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The Rise Of The Transition Town

A film by Magdalena Balenovic
A story of three different places in modern Britain embracing the idea of the transition town.
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Diseased not Defeated: 20 Years of Cancer

A Radio Documentary by Tim Smith
Diseased not defeated – the incredible story of a five-time cancer patient in Gosport and the support group she now leads.
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Like a Bag of Sugar

A film by Silvia Gharaba
For a girl born seventeen weeks premature, getting to the point where she weighed just “Like a Bag of Sugar” was a huge achievement. At that time it may have been difficult for her mother to believe that one day she could become a good dancer, but this is what 22 year old Clarissa is today. Despite all the difficulties they faced and will face, Clarissa and her mother are learning from each other how to overcome each of them.
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A film by Alessandro Tiberi
Cornerstones analyses the controversial history of one of Britain’s most visited and ancient monuments: Stonehenge. From the free festivals of the 1970s to the repression that followed, from its relevance for the druidic movement to the its renaissance as a tourism mecca, the documentary gathers different perspectives on the contested modern history of the stones.
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From Boscombe to Boxing

A Radio Documentary by Danny Romero
Molly McCann grew up in Boscombe under poor conditions with a family addicted to heroin. As her relationship with her family, especially her father, deteriorated she found a sport she loved: Boxing.

She kept at it and transferred her skills to the world of Mixed Martial Arts where this year she will be competing in the USA.

The radio documentary takes the audience on a journey from her past, her childhood, a revisit through her old stomping grounds in Boscombe with her close cousin. It then takes us to now where we meet her boyfriend and her trainer and she explains how close she is to her mother now and what makes her the best fighter around as she gets ready to go to America and fight.
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2014 Documentaries

Living in Limbo – life without citizenship

A film by Mark Harding
Imagine being born, raised, and never leaving your country for the 26 years of your life only to find out that you’re not a citizen. James Hann has had just that happen to him, he now faces mountains of paperwork, huge fees, tests, and whole lot of stress. He is currently ‘Living in Limbo’.
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The City in the City

A radio documentary by Patrick Ward
Two sentences: Is Mumbai’s economic development leaving the residents of Dharavi behind? Balaji and Nilesh tell their stories of life and work in Asia’s most populous slum.
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The drag dilemma

A film by Laura Parry-Davies
While Jason Peachey he has been Drag Queen, Baroness Peaches, for the past 6 years his brother and fiancé have never seen a show. We follow him in the lead up to a performance that will change this and reveal how his supportive family and, somewhat reluctant, fiancé will react.
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Culture Shock

A film by Fadi Al Harbi
Three immigrants in the United Kingdom, each from a different country, explore their culture shock experiences in this multicultural land, where integration is primary for every immigrant in order to find a smoother lifestyle.
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The Freeland

A film by Natalie Kerry
Natalie Kerry embarks on a journey, visiting the Naadam Festivals and a nomadic Mongolian family. A cultural exploration gaining an insight into Mongolian traditions, food and lifestyle.
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In Gandhi’s Footsteps

A film by Sven Wolters
In the run up to the Indian elections 2014 voting rights activist Nagender Chindam and his campaign group Pravasi Bharat rally for an absentee ballot for Indian citizens abroad. But time is running out.
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Street Performers - Natalie Kerry

Street Performers

A film by Natalie Kerry
An insight into the what it is like to be a female Street Performer in Covent Garden, London. Natalie Kerry gives it a go at being a statue performer in Bournemouth to experience it first hand. The documentary explores the challenges faced by female street performers and follows Hazel known as ‘Scarlet’, a 34 year old performer from London.
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Rusting Assassins - Patrick Ward

Rusting Assassins

A film by Patrick Ward
It is nearly 40 years since the end of the American War in Vietnam, but its legacy remains in the form of unexploded bombs, mines and artillery. This ordnance has killed more than 100,000 people since 1975, so could the US do more to help? Rusting Assassins speaks to those who still live with the consequences of the war in Quang Tri province.
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Brazil's Other Passion - Mark Harding

Brazil’s Other Passion

A film by Mark Harding
Brazil is known for its love of football but the FIFA World Cup was met with protests against FIFA’s control over Brazil and skateboarders were among those on the frontline. This documentary follows a unique character called Ernani Craveiro, better known to his friends as ‘Tai Tai’, during the protests as he explains why skateboarding is the new sport of the nation and Brazil’s other passion.
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