Dolphin fans question stadium move

Poole Town FC’s fans have a ‘great interest’ in the Poole stadium talks and are happy to hear they have reopened, but questions are already being raised concerning fixtures and scheduling in conjunction with the speedway and greyhounds.

Poole stadium’s operators, Stadia UK, opened talks with the Poole Town’s board on Tuesday to discuss their return ‘home’.

However, the Dolphins’ fans are uncertain of how the operators will be able to schedule three sports in to one stadium.

‘Struggle to see how 3 into 1 goes? I know I’m no stadia expert, but the Dogs, speedway & football?’ asks Blandforddolphin on Poole Town fans unofficial forum.

Ex AFC Bournemouth chairman, Eddie Mitchell, who recently joined Poole Town in their quest to find a permanent home, said ‘it’s important that no one power in particular can dictate. All organisations need to agree. But it’s a long way to go yet.’

Stadia UK’s CEO, Clark Osborne, however, does have valuable experience with this specific situation as he was the former owner and operator of Eastville Stadium in Bristol (the former home of Bristol Rovers FC, Greyhound Racing and Speedway Racing) which should help to solve any scheduling issues.

Mitchell is keen for this to happen though as he spoke of his fond memories of the team playing there: ‘I have a longstanding memory of watching Poole at the stadium, so it is my aim to get them back there. It’s their right to play there.’

The Dolphins were controversially removed from the stadium, that they are recognised as building over 50 years ago, back in the 90’s.

Dolphins’ Vice Chairman, Chris Reeves, has been very happy with Eddie’s input so far saying ‘he has been a breath of fresh air since the day he arrived, and he only seems to be getting fresher and fresher’.

Reeves went on to explain that the club was at its height in the 1960’s when the main stand was built by the club’s fans but, in 1994, the club was turfed out by the council, which was met with great controversy at the time.

Reeves explained there was the option of taking on the lease, which could have avoided the club from being axed from the stadium, however the ‘powers that be’ declined the chance allowing the speedway to take advantage of the offer.

Instead the club took a license to play, this lacked any such security for the future of the club.

‘Eddie has had to fight to get this far, but it is our spiritual home, we should be there. It’s OUR home, NOT the Speedawy’s!’ explained Reeves.

‘We have massive, MASSIVE steps to take yet though, it is going to be an immense effort from every party to get this pushed through.

‘One thing about Eddie though, he is very respectful and will maintain the soul of the club.’

Poole Town was due to play Gillingham Town FC on Tuesday in the Dorset Senior Cup but it was postponed due to waterlogged pitch.

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