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Dorset Mind ambassador praises recent event

Calvin also said that the event was “powerful”. He did a speech at the coffee morning and explained how it gave those with a lack of knowledge  more of an understanding about dealing with their own, and others mental health.

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Calvin summarised the experience by saying: “that event was really enlightening because people were walking away feeling like they’d learnt so much.”

Calvin had been inspired by this recent event as he was able to interact with and teach others through his speech.

“I went through a few really rough patches”

Calvin went on to explain how his speech drew on deeply personal ideas. He said: “I wen’t through a few really rough patches, periods where I was out of school for about two years being home schooled and I couldn’t leave the house. I didn’t speak to anyone, I was very depressed, I attempted suicided around 2 times.”

However, Calvin’s speech mainly focused on how his life has now improved. He said: “I talk about what helped me, what Dorset Mind does and how people can look after their own mental health.”

Calvin has been a member of Dorset Mind for 18 months and feels this has helped his gradual positive progress.

Dorset Mind

Dorset Mind is an independent voluntary organisation which aims to help people with their mental health problems.

Calvin explained some of the work Dorset Mind has done for him personally. He also discussed their efforts to: challenge the stigma around mental health and provide counselling sessions or  support where statutory services are failing to do so.

The rest of the interview with Calvin can be found below:

photo by: Alpha stock Images- http://alphastockimages.come|Nick Youngson.


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