Dorset campaigners preparing for EU referendum

The two EU referendum campaigns in Dorset are gearing up for the decisive referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

“We’re in the final five weeks of the campaign,” says Councillor Simon Bull who is campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU, “so now is the time that the undecided voters – of which there are quite a few – will hopefully make their minds up.

The two Dorset groups campaigning to either leave or remain in the European Union have been active for the past few months . A number of events have been organised by the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign in and around Bournemouth, such as leaflet drops and stalls in Bournemouth Square.

In early April a well-attended debate was held in Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Centre, pitting Vote Leave supporters against those from the Remain campaign.

Meanwhile, on the 30th April the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign began canvassing the council wards of north Bournemouth in order to gauge their level of support.

“I’m cautiously optimistic of the vote going our way in Bournemouth,” says Duane Farr, lead co-ordinator of the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign in Bournemouth, “It’s difficult to say but we’ve had a lot of positive feedback out on the streets and in Bournemouth town centre.”

The referendum to determine Britain’s future relationship with the EU will take place on the 23rd June.

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