Dorset’s passionate reaction on Brexit vote

Dorset for Europe, a local remain campaign group, welcome the idea of a ‘Meaningful vote’ on the 12th March, and say this is a great opportunity for MPs to reconsider leaving the EU altogether.

“We think article 50 should be revoked to allow us plenty of time to think again, we need much more time to consider the whole Europe question and also adjust our laws around elections”, says campaigner Tim Joyce.

Staying in the European Union is getting more likely everyday

Dorset for Europe campaign | Credits: Kate Hope

The organisation is hopeful for a People’s vote. Joyce thinks “staying in the EU is getting more likely everyday, with an extension that provides multiple opportunity for the government to collapse, for a general election or a People’s vote.”

But Robin Grey, former chairman for UKIP Christchurch thinks this is absurd.

“There should be no discussing in parliament because parliament very clearly gave people the mandate to either remain or leave”, he says.

… it is absolutely disgusting, disgraceful and they should hold their head in shame!

Robin Grey says any deal Theresa May will negotiate will be a one-sided deal which will not deliver what the people voted for.

“We have a remainer parliament trying to subvert the will of the sovereign people of this country and it is absolutely discussing, disgraceful and they should hold their head in shame!”, he adds.

“They’ll vote to delay Brexit for two months so they can stitch us up so we don’t leave at all”, Grey explains.


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