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Goodbye to Poole Bay oil rig

The rig, which had been installed offshore in early February, was removed from the Dorset coast on March 18.

The temporary rig was drilling 1800 metres into the sea bed in the search for oil.

It has been a source of tension between environmental groups, the council and Corallian.

Environmental impact

The energy company submitted an Environment Statement to the Central Government Regulator (OPRED) in 2017. It was concluded that the proposals “would not have a significant adverse impact on the receiving environment or the living resources it supports.”

However, Bournemouth Council put forward “robust objections” to the proposals.

Councillor John Beesley said: “We would want to see this operation finalised at the earliest possible opportunity so that risks associated with the operation to our marine environment can be eliminated.”

The biggest contributor to climate change

Local campaign groups have also been concerned about the rig’s impact on the environment.

Angela Pooley, from East Dorset’s Friends of the Earth, says the government need to be investing in renewable energy sources.

She said: “The impact of fossil fuels is devastating to the environment and is the biggest contributor to climate change.

“Pressure has to be kept on the government that we do not want any more oil extraction in Dorset or anywhere else.”

Listen to the full interview below.

Next steps

Corallian has estimated that there are 15 million barrels of oil recoverable from the area. It hopes to extract the oil by drilling horizontally from the shore, which will require a new licence.

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