Government refuses to sell parts of the New Forest

The Government has refused proposals to sell parts of the New Forest.

Environmental organisations, such as the New Forest Association, have shown opposition to a plan that may lead to destroying British forests.

The government had proposed a system that will preserve the nation’s forests for future generations.

Instead, the Forestry Commission which handles state-owned forest, will be provided with an additional £3.5 million this year to assist its care for the UK’s trees.

Peter Roberts, chairman of the New Forest Association, said: “The government published a policy statement that said it was going to form a new body, to look at running the forests, which needs an acceptance from parliament.”

“We were against the proposal to sell some parts of the New Forest because we think that we should keep this forest as a natural habitat, that would lose its values if some parts were sold,” he said.

Mr Roberts added that if the government had decided to sell some parts, it would lead to environmental impact on the forest. Investors definitely will change the natural landscape by developing some parts in a way which affect the trees, soil and water.

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