Homeland Season 2 Reviewed

So we’re nearing the end of the second season of the US  psychological thriller series Homeland. This is a series that really should have never reached a second season. That is not to say that it wasn’t good enough, simply there seemed to be no scope after the season one finale in which the protagonist, Carrie Mathison, recieves electro shock therapy in order to erase the notion that Nicholas Brody was a terrorist. He was.

The plot was however left wide open when Brody promised Al-Qaeda cell leader Abu-Nazir that he would be able to further his cause through his role as congressman. However Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon have brilliantly adapted the Israeli series for a second season.

The season begins roughly six months after the end of season one with the wife of a Hezbollah leader purporting to have information about an imminent attack. She refuses to speak with anyone other than her former handler, Carrie, who no longer works for the CIA. She eventually agrees to work with the CIA for this operation.

Brody meanwhile is settling into life as a congressman. The plot from here develops very quickly. Brody’s suicide tape is found on a hard drive in Lebenon. Working with the CIA, Carrie organises a meeting in order to establish a relationship to ensnare Brody and uncover the Al Qaeda plan to attack the US. Emotion gets the better of her and in an outburst lets on that she know’s he is still a terrorist so the operation falls down and he is arrested.

Eventually Brody is offered a deal: to work with the CIA to bring down the plot to attack the US in exchange for immunity. He unsurprisingly accepts the offer and so the series embarks on the main narritive.

The series is then set off on a series of attempts to uncover the plot, but with Brody left largely in the dark it proves difficult. Season two is not as high paced and we’re not left with that “what the hell is going to happen next” feeling as with the first. Do not let this decieve you however, the plot is still exciting and enthralling and the trademark US serial thriller edge of the seat cliffhanger ending is still stamped on each episode.

The emotional white knuckle ride of Brody’s home life and his relationship with Carrie persists through this series also, to great effect. The series is now drawing to a close, with only two episodes left and it is building dramatically. Not wanting to give the entire series plot away to anyone who has not seen it yet I will keep my mouth shut as to the specifics but suffice to say it has definately met expectations in terms of the drama and action and the storyline thankfully has not suffered.

Despite the slightly more “24-esque” feel to this series those who enjoyed the first, or those who enjoy American serial thrillers will undoubtably enjoy the second innings. Those who are unfamiliar, go and buy series one on DVD before hitting 4OD for the series catch up. Anyone who has not started the series yet should definately give it a go and the Homeland faithful among us will be waiting on tenterhooks until sunday, and the sunday after.


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