iTrust Dorset exhibition launched at Poole

An exhibition featuring artwork, photos and videos from the iTrust Dorset project was launched last Friday at the art gallery in Lighthouse, Poole.

The exhibition also allows the visitors an insight in to the making of the ‘Quest for the Crown‘ and shares the experiences of those who have had a chance to try this new attraction at Corfe Castle.

‘Quest for the Crown’ is a unique gaming experience by iTrust Dorset that allows visitors to not only have fun while exploring the castle but also learn about the history of this national monument. It is a blend of history with digital technology and new media.

The visitors can download an app on their phones and then travel on a digital trail to look for the King’s crown. The GPS on the device allows the gamers to interact with various historically important sites and make appropriate decisions. On the journey one may encounter guards, knights, ghosts and Princess Eleanor

” I have played the game with my son. It was a really awesome experience. My son loved it,” said Adam Taylor, who has been to the castle twice already with his 12-year-old son.

The pilot phase has been considered a great success so far, and iTrust is gearing up for a re-launch with an even bigger adventure.

In the meantime the exhibition promises to share the making and behind the scenes working of Quest for the Crown and also a video of Corfe Castle by the South West Artwork artist Kevin Clifford. The artwork presented at the exhibition are the original illustrations by artist Kevin Scully of South West Artwork and offers a chance to interact with him directly in future.

The iTrust Dorset is a joint venture launched last September by Brilliant Fish, a marketing firm, and South West Artwork in association with National Trust at Dorset. iTrust Dorset exhibition is free and open every Tuesday-Saturday from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm and is from January 18 to March 9.

Main Image: Rachitaa Gupta

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