Latin music: a wave is reaching the UK

Many think that the world is becoming more globalised and a proof of this is the many international fusions that exist in today’s music.

British people are listening and dancing more and more to Latin songs like ‘Despacito‘ or ‘Mi Gente‘. Both songs were top of the UK charts last summer. Fonsi’s single was even considered the most streamed track in history because of its world-wide success.

But far from the popular Reggeaton stands authentic, traditional Latin American music, and it is slowly reaching the UK. London, the city of multiculturalism, is increasingly hosting more South American artists such as the alternative band Bomba Estéreo or the well-known Puerto Rican Farruko. It also holds big international events like La Línea, the Latin Music Festival which will take place this April.

Well-renowned Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade has also seen the effects of the growing Latin music fans in the UK.

“I came here 9 years ago and there were 50 people”, she said at her concert in Camden this week.

This time, the tickets for her concert in KOKO, a venue with a capacity of 1410 people, sold out. The pop-folk singer said:

“I could’ve never imagined what is happening here today. I just want to say that dreams really do come true.”

Though the majority of the audience was Latin American and Spanish, many listeners were British. Though some struggled to pronounce her name, they easily flowed with the energy and rhythms of the stage. People from different age groups and nationalities danced together, forming one single bustling audience.


“I’m sharing a piece of the European tour. We are very fortunate”

The singer spoke in English and Spanish, but she said: “We are going to speak in the universal language tonight. Music.”

Lafourcade sung a combination of old and new songs. She moved from her pop success ‘En el 2000’, to her newest Cuban-rooted sound ‘Tus ojitos’.

Her new album Musas vol. 2, was released less than a week ago. Inspired by Mexican traditional music, Natalia holds tradition like a precious magic that must be kept alive.

London was the first stop of her European tour, her next stop will be Paris and then Spain.

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