Olivia Newton John wins Bournemouth’s heart

At the BIC Pavilion last night you could see in people’s eyes that for two hours Olivia Newton John’s voice brought them back to their past.

After 35 years the English-born Australian singer came back to tour the UK to celebrate her 40th year in music, and she didn’t fail to amuse the Bournemouth audience.

Although many people were worried about her performing mainly new tracks, the big star didn’t disappoint her fans and stunned with classics.

Despite a little bit of hoarseness which made her need water for most of the night, her voice hasn’t changed over all these years.

She appeared on stage and the show opened with a couple of songs to warm up the audience, and when notes of A Little More Love started playing, fans where definitely caught up in the moment.

Soon after came Sam, from the album Don’t Stop Believin’, followed by a series of country-folk songs which were mainly from the origins of the Grease star’s career, whose first big hit was her cover of Bob Dylan’s If Not For You when she began.

The audience’s enthusiasm finally exploded when Physical was played. The big hit from the 80s, which followed the immense success of Grease, spurred the crowd into singing.

And finally the big moment, the one that everybody was waiting for. To end the night in a perfect way, Sandra Dee, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Summer Nights and The One That I Want – that on November  2012 was named the best duet in the history of pop music – made Grease fans sing along and raise the roof with We Go Together to close the series.

She returned for a short encore of Grace and Gratitude and Honestly, before thanking the audience and people who were important in her career and lifetime.

After 35 years Olivia Newton John made her fans dreams a reality, and outside the theatre people showed their satisfaction with enthusiastic comments.

main image by architekt2.

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