‘People don’t realise that teachers actually do a lot’

Flynn Bonnar-Foster, trainee teacher

I do agree with the strikes. I know there’s an idea about why the teachers striking, but I also think there’s a lot that goes behind it. People don’t realise that teachers actually do a lot. As a PE teacher, I’ve got an extra curriculum beyond 8:30 to 3. During the school day, we’re in communication with national and regional school level because we’ve got so many competitions to run. There’s so much extra work, including marking and dealing with the different needs of students.

A lot of students love sport, where you could say they live or die for it. You’ve also got students who struggle in class, but when they come to a PE lesson, they’re on it, they are listening and focused because that is what they’re interested in. However, we’re striking and none of these lessons are currently happening.

I want to be enabled to put in more extra time to planning for my students. It would allow me to make lessons better and put even more into the lessons to make up for that day. It also allows me to get on top of more work and more fixtures to benefit the students. If the strikes were successful, this would then lead to a much better, happier, more successful demographic of teachers who will be more able, more motivated to aid the students they are teaching.

As told to Alex George.

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