Poole reading garden hope for womens group

A women’s institute is hoping to raise funds to create a “reading garden” at Poole Library.

Creekmoor with Oakdale Women’s Institute (WI) is reviving an abandoned scheme for a ‘quiet reading garden’ at Oakdale Library.

President of Creekmoor and Oakdale WI, Jan Ayrton, said: “During a committee meeting, one of my committee members informed us that a scheme for a ‘Quiet Reading Garden’ had been started by Adult Special Needs, but it had to be abandoned because of financial funding.”

The Oakdale WI then made enquiries to the National Federation, who were doing a garden club scheme to finance garden projects in the community.

“I then approached Oakdale Library who were really pleased that the project could be resurrected, and passed over all the plans that had been made for the scheme,” said Mrs Ayrton.

Jane Roxby, who works for the Oakdale WI, said: “There is some space at the side of the library, which the library would like to see used.”

A reading garden is intended to provide space for children at story time and would also cater for adults in order to enhance the whole library experience.

“To get this done we had to get some sort of community involvement. So, the Women’s Institute is looking to secure some funding,” said Jane Roxby.

The Oakdale WI has now applied to the National Federation for £6,000.

“I have also approached the three councillors of Oakdale ward to see if the council can help in increasing the size of the car park, supplying a skip free of charge and making a new gate for the garden,” said Mrs Ayrton.

Main image credit: Harris Badar

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