Poole schools learn the science behind fireworks

Pupils at St Edward’s school students have been introduced to the science behind fireworks.

Students at St Edward’s School in Poole have been looking at the science behind professional firework displays.

Science teacher and TV presenter Matthew Tosh led the sessions with the students. “This shows how the science they do in the classroom is relevant to whatever they will do in future,” he said.

He emphasised that the aim of the programme was not to make scientists of the students but that there are a lot of skills involved in a firework display, including chemistry, mathematics, risk management and fire safety.

“I focus more on the creativity, the colours, the more subtle aspects – not just the bangs which people will lose interest in after some time,” said Mr Tosh.

Mr Tosh is a regular presenter at the National Science Learning Centre and Teachers TV. He has made guest appearances on the BBC, Sky and ITV.

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