Poole Youth Carnival

Poole Youth Carnival may be cancelled for lack of money

First Youth Carnival in Poole is in danger of being cancelled due to a lack of money.

The first Youth Carnival in Poole is in danger of being cancelled due to a lack of money.

The secretary Topsy Turner said: “We are private people, we get little support from the local area and we still have quite a few large bills coming in from the council for the use of their property and their people.”

Established by 12 individuals in 2002, Poole Youth Carnival has been held for 13 years with the aim to showcase the town’s youth. But if they cannot get enough fund by the end of next week, the carnival planned to be held in May 17 will be cancelled.

Part of the lack of money refers to how much the Carnival needs to pay for the use of Batier park. Although the Poole council has reduced the charge to £390 this year, the Youth Carnival still needs a further £1000 to pay.

“That is only one element, we still have a lot things to pay, such as  the use of clothes and professional training by experienced people”, he added.

The community Events Team from the Borough of Council said, they have been working with the event since May 2013 and also encourage young people to get involved.

Social networks have been filled with residents expressing their opinions. Some of them said the Council should not charge too much for such a good event.

Mr Turner said they didn’t get much financial support from the Council. He also admitted the difficulty to become a charity. Although it may be easier to get more fund, it needs to be registered with the sum of £5,000.

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