Powerful explosion in Mogadishu

A powerful explosion has rocked the Somalian capital, Mogadishu. Officials say two people have been found wounded. Andria Archontides reports on the blasts as authorities arrest two suspected suicide car bombers.

A powerful explosion occurred at around 11:40 am (UK time) on Friday in a police compound in Somalia’s capital town, Mogadishu.

According to Reuters, the town’s residents said that the building was occupied by the criminal investigations department. Officials say two people have been found wounded.

The authorities have arrested two suspected suicide car bombers earlier Friday and have taken their car into the headquarters of the criminal investigations.

“We had seized this car earlier in the morning and detained the driver, who is alive and under arrest,” said Mohamed Ali, a police officer.

“It went off prematurely as we were waiting for bomb experts to come and disarm the car.”

The blast ripped off the gate to the police department and shattered the windows of buildings nearby.

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