Publish or Schedule

Once you have finished writing and styling your ‘Post’ you have a variety of options available for how you want to publish it.

To configure these options go to the ‘Publish’ panel in the right-hand corner of the ‘Edit post’ page.

If you want the Post to go live immediately, click on the Publish button.

If you want to schedule the Post for a later time click on the Edit link next to Publish immediately.

To schedule the Post alter the date and time for when you want it go live and click OK.

You should now notice that the Publish button has turned to a Schedule button – click on this to schedule the Post for publishing.

WordPress also offers options on the Visibility of your Post.

Click on the Edit link next to Visibility: Public
From the options that now appear, you can choose whether to set your ‘Post’ as:

Public – All visitors to The Breaker will be able to see the ‘Post’
Password protected – Set your ‘Post’ so it can only be viewed by those who have a specifically set password
Private – The ‘Post isn’t viewable to any visitors of The Breaker

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