Raising £800 for NHS on the 8th birthday: Mission completed

At the end of April 29th, Maya was able to complete her goal raising more than the amount of £800 she initially planned for. This is her first time ever doing a fundraiser, but says she is thankful to the many people that have supported her locally in order to give back to the NHS

fundraising result of Maya Welch
Maya has completed 8 days of challenge with higher amount of money than expected | Photo by Nina Minh Trang Nguyen

This idea was inspired by the story of Captain Tom Moore raising more than £9 million for the NHS by walking laps in his garden, which Maya heard from her mother.

Initally, Maya said that she was “a bit afraid that nobody would donate” but then she got the confidence back because she believed that she was doing a great thing.

People who work for NHS are risking their lives to save our lives

Maya Welch

Maya does cartwheel inside
Maya’s first time doing cartwheeling at home | Photo by Mr. Tristan Welch, Maya’s father

“People who work for NHS are risking their lives to save our lives, and they inspire me to do my best with this challenge”, shared Maya.

Leaving comments on her Justgiving fundraising page – many locals have expressed their appreciation towards her action.

Zoe, Olaf and Cosmo left a comment with the donation that they are so impressed by the challenge that Maya has set herself. They even “feel dizzy just thinking about it”, said supporters.

Phuong Linh Luong, a 20 year old student from Bournemouth University, has shared this fundraising on her social media personal account with surprise: “More than £900 is absolutely a huge amount of fundraising, even with an adult. I have never thought I could do such a thing like this girl. It awakens us to do something”.

It awakens us to do something

Phuong Linh Luong, Bournemouth University’s student

Councillor Andy Hadley from Poole People party said: “She must have great power to finish this challenge. I really appreciate all the efforts of Maya, as well as other people to support the NHS during this time of pandemic. However, her parents should be sure that 800 cartwheels are not too much and not going to have bad effect on her health.”

Replying to this concern, Maya showed her thankfulness and guaranteed that it is not easy in the beginning but she has got familiar with it quite quickly.

After posting the fundraising call on Justgiving website, Maya has also received a lot of birthday wishes from people.

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