Regent Centre exhibits art

Dorset painter’s collection of contemporary abstract paintings in acrylic is being exhibited in Regent Centre, Christchurch. Our Entertainment reviewer Chencho Sherin went to investigate.

A Dorset painter’s collection of contemporary abstract acrylic paintings is being exhibited in the Regent Centre, Christchurch.

Melissa Hobson-Matthews has been exhibiting her work at the Pine Walk Open Air Art Exhibition at Bournemouth Gardens for the past 6 years. She has exhibited her works in many prominent galleries including The Art Shed and The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC).

Her paintings are deep in colour and vary in expressions. The exhibition displays a series of Mediterranean landscapes, deep blue sea-themed paintings and abstract designs among her work.

Melissa said her inspirations are nature, colours, light, patterns, texture, travel and art galleries.

She said: “This exhibition is a selection of my current works. I often paint different themes to keep things interesting. I also paint to commission which is a great way to explore new ideas and change direction.”

Melissa was a former student of Bournemouth Arts Institute. She completed her GNVQ in Arts and design in 1998.

Steve Whittingham, an animation student said: “The deep blue under water series with sea animals and plants were amazing. But I don’t think the café in Regent Centre is the ideal place for an art exhibition as not many people are paying attention to the art work.”

The exhibition started on January 21st and will continue till February 10th.

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