Smog causes high level of air pollution in Bournemouth

There is high level of air pollution in Bournemouth today due to Sahara smog

Bournemouth residents may have to brace for further high levels of air pollution over the next few days following today’s smog caused by dust swept from the Sahara.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has rated Bournemouth eight in its 10-point scale to measure air pollution – with one being lowest risk and 10 being very high.

Sports Activator at Bournemouth University Sport Chris Payne said that outdoor sports facilities are still being used and no concerns have been expressed yet.

He advised that those who are really concerned should go to the doctor and those with asthma should have their inhalers handy during this period.

The smog is expected to be over by Friday, when air pollution levels will drop to three on the Defra scale.

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