Bournemouth Pier snow

Soup, bread and milk – what do you buy when it snows?

It’s a well-worn joke that as soon as snow is forecast, thousands of Brits head to the shops to panic-buy food.

But what do they stock up on?

New research shows that shoppers spent over £15 million on soup during the week the ‘Beast From The East’ hit. That’s the equivalent of 30 million bowls.

They also stashed away bacon, milk and bird feed, with legions of bird-lovers battling through the arctic conditions to ensure their garden visitors were well-fed.

More sensibly car care products increased by 78.5%, together with matches and firelighters which were up 64.5%.

The figures were compiled by IRI, with information from the UK’s multiple supermarkets.

Dorset residents may be heading out to the shops again this weekend, as the Met Office has forecast a yellow warning for the area.

The weather service says it will turn colder over the weekend, with hard frosts.

There’s a small risk of snow showers and the wind will be strong too, with gales likely at times.

The area was issued with an amber warning during the severe weather at the start of the month.

One Bournemouth shopper called Teresa said she’d ‘definitely be stockpiling’ goods ahead of the weekend.

She said: “I tried three shops last time and I couldn’t get milk!”.


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