The Breaker: Style Guide

We want to showcase the best of masters journalism at Bournemouth. Every website has a style guide so that journalists know the ‘house style’ in terms of  consistent, professional output. Web editors need to refer to the style guide so that they can tailor stories so that they have appropriate headlines, pictures and hyperlinks.

for more on writing styles – refer to the BBC News Styleguide or Guardian Styleguide

1. Headlines

Homepage Headlines should be no more than 8-10 Words

Homepage Headlines should be no more than 6 Words – like many news websites, we work with a short headline length on our homepage as we believe it helps gives the website a clean and concise appearance.

Headlines should always be ‘Sentence Case’ – meaning only the first word and proper nouns are capitalised.

2. Images

– All images should be personally sourced or obtained from copyright free websites (make sure original authors are attributed as requested).

– All ‘Posts’ must have a ‘Featured Image’ attached. All ‘Featured Images’ must be Landscape in orientation. To future proof the site, images should be upload with a minimum width of 1080px

4. Categories

– Story should be assigned to just one category – the most relevant one.

5. Tags

– Ensure you have tagged all relevant ‘People’, ‘Organisations’ and ‘Locations’ in your ‘Post’.

Finally: Always check and recheck spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Do not use copyright material unless permission given. Follow MAMMJ copyright guidelines on MyBU.

Libel laws apply. No swearing, lewd or defamatory material to be used or anything that would bring fellow journalists and Bournemouth University into disrepute.


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