The degrading education system in Haryana

My aim with this feature was to inspire NGOs and activists to take action

As a journalist, I have to lookout for stories that can make a difference in the lives of my readers. When I stumbled upon the topic of the degrading education system in Haryana, I knew I had to bring this to the forefront. In this reflective blog, I will discuss my approach and key learning to this story.

The intended primary audiences for this story are parents, students, educators, policymakers, and NGOs. The story is suitable as it shed light on a critical issue that has been ignored. Parents and students need to be aware about the challenges faced by the education system and how their future is impacting with this. By this story, they can demand for the amendment in the education system. Teachers, administrators and policymakers are directly involved in the degradation of the education system.

It aims to inspire them to act and initiate reforms in this regard. It is the duty of the NGOs and activists to raise their voice against the degrading education system and this story can get their attention. As a journalist, it is essential to maintain ethical and legal standards while reporting a story.

While working on this feature, I ensured that I followed the guidelines such as maintaining objectivity and bias-free approach. I also took into consideration the legal implications of my reporting. To ensure that the story was accurate and unbiased, I conducted extensive research and interviewed various stakeholders like teachers, education officers, parents and a local journalist. This helped me to understand the ground reality and the challenges faced by students and educators alike. I was aware about the privacy of the stakeholder.

I was tried to be rational and free from any type of stigma. I have tried to cover the story in a balanced way without defamatory. As a journalist I know that it is the sole responsibility of mine to rely only on credible resources. AI-assisted technology has become an integral part of journalism. It has made it easier to gather and analyse data and has enabled us to tell stories in a more engaging way.

While working on this story, I used AI-assisted technology to gather some data and picture as well. This helped to make the story more engaging and accessible to a wider audience. I have fact checked every information that I gathered from the AI. I have used the copyright free image from the AI ‘DALL E’. In today’s digital age, short-form video has become an essential tool for journalists. It enables us to tell stories in a more interactive way and has become an integral part of the storytelling process.

While working on this story, I created a short-form video that summarise the main feature story. The video helped to make the story more accessible to a wider audience and enabled us to tell the story in a simpler way. Video can encourage the viewers to dig deep into the story. It works as a gateway to the main feature story. It helps the create to convey the message easily and quickly. Working on this assignment was a learning experience for me. It taught me the importance of thorough research, accurate reporting, and ethical journalism.

It also showed me the power of AI-assisted technology and short-form video in storytelling. As a feature story writer, one should follow the proper code of conduct of journalism. Consent and anonymity should be respected. Journalist should ensure that the story is truthful, unbiased and accurate. While doing the assignment, I realized the importance of interdisciplinary approach like the use of AI, viewpoint from different stakeholders, understand the issue from different angles.

Various opinions and facts are very essential for creating a balanced, unbiased, reliable and real picture of the story. The most significant lesson I learned was the importance of telling stories that make a difference. As journalists, it is our responsibility to shine a light on critical issues and bring about positive change in the society. This assignment reminded me of the power of journalism and the role we play in society.

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