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This is The Issue, a weekly podcast, from the Breaker team at Bournemouth University.

This week we’re discussing Bournemouth’s pandemic within a pandemic: loneliness.


If you are experiencing loneliness and need some help, here are some resources to assist you:

  • Age UK offer support and advice for older people, their advice line is 0800 678 1602.
  • Dorset Mind is a charity that educates and challenges mental health inequality. They offer guidance on their website.
  • The Campaign to End Loneliness is a leading national charity. They offer support and guidance on their website.

Visit The Breaker for more exclusive stories and reporting on loneliness. You can also find us on Instagram at @breaker.bu and on Twitter at BUBreaker.

This episode of The Issue was created by Samuel Hewetson and James Kay, with contributions from the rest of The Breaker team.

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