Traffic lights out at a junction in Boscombe

Traffic lights at a junction in Boscombe went out because of electrical fault last Friday.

The traffic lights went out for about three hours at the Junction of Owls Road and Sea Road.

“Our systems reported the fault automatically to our contractors at 09:45hrs and the signals were back on at 12:45pm,” said Ken Surtees, Project Engineer from the Technical Services department.

“There was an electrical fault with the signals were a part failed. The engineers replaced the part and switched the signals back on,” said Mr Surtees.

This is the second time in this month that the lights at the Owls road stopped working.

“The last time the signals lost were due to a power cut in Boscombe,” said Mr Surtees.

“We didn’t put signs out at each junction as generally the power was restored within a short time.

“There are no long on-going problems with any sites in Boscombe. It was a coincidence of a fault on the signals soon after a power cut.”

Main photo: Miao Cai

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