Veganuary vs Febudairy: Which campaign do you support?

The year started with Veganuary, but now February sees the start of Febudairy.

Dairy farmers have started their own online campaign calling it ‘Febudairy’ to counter the vegan community’s initial to promote meat free lifestyle.

The rival campaign was started by livestock farmers to create more awareness about dairy products. The hashtag had been around last year, but failed to catch people’s interest.

Emily Norton, the co-founder of Norton’s Dairy in Norfolk said: “Its all about celebrating the wonder of cows, the undoubted warmth and emotional connection being around these amazing creatures. February is the month of St Valentine after all, so a little cow love can go a long way for us all.”

Febudairy campaign is an attempt made by the dairy farmers to get more people to know about the benefits of dairy products using the online platform.

During January, Veganuary’s charity website saw a whooping 60,000 people signing up for the month long vegan pledge and social media was flooded with #veganuary posts of meat and dairy free meals. But, the vegan community isn’t happy with the campaign started by the dairy farmers.

The contrasting campaigns have seen supporters from each side to start a Twitter war posing questions on the authenticity of the ‘Febudairy’ campaign.


Vegan activist, Haykay Ross said that Vegan community is doing their own kind of ‘Febudairy’ to go against what it is to stand for.  He adds: “I think it’s a lot of nonsense. I understand that dairy industry is getting worried, they are getting scared so they are trying these new ploys to try to promote dairy as a healthy product and we can possibly get into people’s minds that its not what they think it is. They are all lies”.


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