Springbourne road closed due to broken pipe

A broken underground water pipe between Holdenhurst and Windham road in Springbourne caused the closure of Victoria Place road in Bournemouth last week.

“The date for when Victoria Place will reopen is still unknown but construction is expected to finish in the next two weeks,” said Natalie Nockyer, a representative of Wessex Water Company who worked with the team dealing with construction on Victoria Place.

Drivers were advised to use Cleveland Road, which is next to Victoria Place, whilst construction continues.

“Construction started last week trying to fix the broken pipe which has already caused some underground floods,” said the representative, “no residents have had any supply problems because of this construction.”

On the topic of why construction did not continue over the weekend, Miss Nockyer said: “The damaged area is much deeper than originally thought and they had to get a special team to work on this.”

Main photo: Miao Cai

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