‘We work hard for less pay’

Nelly Esosa-Osa Johnson, health care assistant
Nelly Esosa-Osa Johnson

I am really not big on politics; I’m indifferent about the UK’s political propaganda. Nevertheless, I’m unhappy with the current state of the UK, especially with the cruel sanction imposed by the government to restrict immigrants who are health workers from coming into the country. This will lead to an immense workforce shortage in the health sector and endangers health and social care services.

As a health worker, we work hard for less pay. We shoulder a lot of responsibilities, but we are paid pennies. I choose to be a health worker because I love helping people and have a lot of empathy towards others, but at the end of the day, the bills still have to be paid.

It was on the news recently that the government plan to increase minimum wage by April this year. I hope this comes to limelight. It will be a huge relief for me and my family.

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