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Why Obama won the election

Now the results are in, Obama has been announced as the next US president and embarks on four new years as one of the world’s most powerful men. Looking back on the last four years there have been some ups and downs. Here is a quick recap of some of the things that made it possible for him to be re-elected.

The Women’s President

He has a “Women for Obama” page on Facebook, instead of a binder full of them. Women all over have supported Obama because his program covers many essential issues concerning women. One of his main trumps was signing the “Lilli Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” in 2009, which states that all individuals who experience pay discrimination can seek rectification according to federal anti-discrimination laws. According to the National Women’s Law Centre, women were paid only 78 cents for each dollar men were paid for the same profession in 2009.

Obama plans to eliminate discrimination in health insurance companies, where women are charged more than men for the same coverage. A full cover for birth control with no costs for women is also in the future.

In contrast to Romney’s firm intention to ban abortion, even in case of rape or incest, President Obama supports the right of women to make their own choices about their health. Obamas official states that “ every day, women grapple with complex, deeply personal health decisions. President Obama believes that politicians, most of whom are men, should not be the ones who make those decision.”

Moreover, the President’s idea to abolish employer control over coverage for birth control, something Paul Ryan defined as “an affront to religious liberty,” scored another important point in his favor.

And of course, there is the First Lady Michelle Obama.

People’s health

Medical issues have been one of the biggest challenges Obama had to face during the past 4 years and with the economic crisis in 2009, America’s health care system was on a downward spiral. However, little by little things are starting to get better. In fact, in his program, the President exposes his intention of protecting Medicare and making it stronger.

Moreover, in 2010 Obama presented The Affordable Care Act as a solution to “the doughnut hole”. This would fill the gap in prescription drug coverage for seniors. The main aim of this act is to ensure access to free preventive care to those people who can’t afford insurance.


According to latest statistics, US families have seen their incomes fall down by $2,000 during the last seven years and the retirement savings accounts’ loss has been estimate to about 2 trillion dollars.

President Obama and vice-president Joe Biden’s plan to regenerate the economy state four main points:

  • Creation of new jobs; by providing a new temporary tax credit to companies, this will bring jobs to the US, encouraging and investing as much as possible in small business and into the rebuilding of roads and schools.
  • A relief action for struggling families by cutting taxes with 95 percent and extends unemployment insurance
  • Immediate assistance for homeowners helping them pay their mortgages
  • Systematic response to the financial crisis using every tool available


Obama is said to be the most LGBT-friendly president the US has ever seen. In his first term, he repealed “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.  He also signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law, which expanded the current hate-crime law to also include crimes motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. He has also shown personal support for same-sex marriages and instructed the Department of Justice to acknowledge the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.

Joe Biden

Last time around was a walk in the park when it came to vice-presidents. Some might say Sarah Palin made it easy. However, Biden has done a great deal to deserve respect. At 29, he was elected to the United States senate as one of the youngest people ever.  With his foreign policy experience, Biden became a good adviser to Obama on issues such as the American recovery and Reinvestment act. He also travelled to Iraq eight times to oversee the end of the war. He has also played a major role in cutting taxes for working Americans and making it easier for students to go to college.

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