Is Yooblr the Facebook for over 40s?

Yooblr is a new, Dorset-based, social-networking site that enables people to make friends and form small social groups with others who share same interests.

A new Dorset-based social networking website aimed at 45 to 65 year olds has been launched.  aims to allow users to make friends and form small social groups with people who share similar interests.

Site founder Kyrsty Fairchild said that people in the target age group tend to be increasingly lonely. Yooblr also attempts to promotes real meetings and live communication outside the virtual world.

Ms Fairchild said: “Our aim is to enable people to get back out and start socialising once again, rather than literally living in their own home, isolated, all on their own.”

“Most young people do socialise anyway these days, hence this platform emphasises to the communication of older people” – Kyrsty Fairchild

She added: “People put their postcode among their other details and then define how far they are able to travel from this postcode. So it’s actually a website that can be used throughout the whole of the UK.”

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