What’s happening for international women’s day?

In the past few months, the world has witnessed women from every walks of life echoing the same emotion and chanting that the ‘time’s up’.

They were demanding a change: in the way they are portrayed, to get equal rights, to get justice, to get equal pay and change the way they are treated.

Their united chants resonated from every part of the world, with women speaking up against injustices without a speck of fear.

Campaigns like #metoo had women (and also men) open up as victims of sexual assault.

On the international women’s day the Locals are prepared to celebrate the day with more than just words.


Brewhouse & Kitchens in Poole and Southbourne celebrate the crucial contribution of women in the brewing industry.

The FemAle Experience Brewery Day involves women taking part in brewing a limited edition- ‘International Women’s Day Beer’.

John Gleeson, Brewhouse & Kitchen’s operation manager said: most people are unaware that women were traditionally the brewers in many societies.”

“They are responsible for the art of brewing today, and on International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate their contributions to the industry.”



Here are some of the celebrations happening worldwide:

Women staff of Spanish newspaper El Pais have gone on strike but not without leaving a message – “In El Pais’ newsroom, not all of us are here today.”

Trinity Laben is celebrating women composers with a empowering march.

Care International is bringing awareness to the gruesome situation women in developing countries are facing and the importance of empowering them.

The UN is spreading words of encouragement to get women to be there for one another.


Picture courtesy- commons.wikimedia.org

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