86 in a 50 zone: ‘wasn’t paying attention’

A Southampton man was banned from driving for 28 days for a speeding offence.

A man from Southampton appeared yesterday before the Bournemouth Magistrates court for a speeding offence.

Micheal Richards, 49, drove at a speed of 86.9 mph in a 50 mile zone on A35 road in Bournemouth.

Richards who represented himself, already has previous convictions for similar offences.

The court noted that  the speed limit on this road has been recently reduced from 70 mph to 50 mph.

In his defence, he pleaded guilty and apologised for his actions and said he was not paying attention.

However, the prosecutor stated that the signs were clearly visible.

Richards was visiting his family at the time of the offence and was driving his wife’s car.

The court banned him from driving for 28 days and he will have to apply for his driving license to be given back to him.

In the case that, he receives it back before 28 days, he is still not permitted to drive. If he does, he may face a prison sentence.

He has also to pay a fine of  £100 and £35 in court costs.

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