Bournemouth-based Visual Effects company.

Outpost VFX: Bournemouth has a Visual Effects Company

Outpost VFX was founded in 2012 by Duncan McWilliam when after a long career as Visual Effects Supervisor in London and Los Angeles thought that choosing Bournemouth as the headquarters for Outpost would be a good idea due to its coastal location and for being more cost-effective compared to London. Besides, the proximity to Bournemouth University – known as centre of excellence in animation and VFX education – was a turning point in his choice.

The amazing talent we attract (…) can only be benefit to the town.

Steve Holmes, Outpost’s Marketing Manager, thinks that  “the amazing talent we attract here from all over the world can only be benefit to the town”.

Bournemouth area is becoming a film paradise, with visual effects being created in this company for major movies. Although for many people their existence is still a mystery, they believe local awareness will increase as they keep growing and developing.



47 Meters Down, by Johannes Roberts, was their launch pad.

Sooner they were also asked to help out on Jason Bourne by Paul Greengrass and another film called Life by Daniel Espinosa. “Both of which solidified our position as a team that can handle major Hollywood productions and deliver exceptional work and levels of service to marquee clients”, explains.

Outpost’s team is currently working on a feature film called Three Seconds, a TV series called Curfew, two major HBO drama series and a handful of commercials.


The company, based in the Richmond Hill, has a 5,500 square-foot studio housing up to 80 artists producing 2D and 3D animation visual effects.

Thanks to repeat business from core clients and global requirement for more visual effects, Outpost is now in high demand and is predicted a growth to over 100 workers for next year.

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