The venue of a political debate in Bournemouth before the event. Photo: Thanh Hung Nguyen

‘A government with mixed parties might be the way for it’ 

Many residents are unhappy at how the Conservatives handled the cost of living crisis

Many voters in Bournemouth have lost faith in the Conservative rule and are hoping for a new government in the forthcoming general election.

Voters said they were disappointed with the way the government has tackled the cost of living crisis.  Nelly Johnson, who works as a care assistant, is unhappy at the low pay offered to healthcare professionals. “We shoulder a lot of responsibilities, but we are paid pennies,” she said. “It was on the news recently that the government plans to increase minimum wage by April this year. I hope they act on that promise. It will be a huge relief.”

Mark Arnott, an IT engineer, said Bournemouth had seen a negative development under the Conservative rule. 

“I don’t agree with the policies in Bournemouth currently,” Arnott said. “I am aware the Conservative MP wants to make some changes to make it better. But they promise everything and nothing happens. They end up saying there’s no money left.”

In anticipation of the forthcoming election, Arnott said he would like to see politicians start acting on their promises. He hoped that a new political alliance comes to power and that “a government with mixed parties might be the way for it”.

Statistic: Voting intentions in a general election in the United Kingdom from July 2017 to February 2024 | Statista

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According to Statista, in February 2024 46 per cent of British adults indicated they would vote for Labour in the general election, compared with 21 per cent who said they would vote for the Conservatives. The ruling Conservatives have trailed Labour in the polls throughout 2022 and 2023, with a huge gap emerging in September 2022 when Liz Truss came to power. Truss’s short time as prime minister was widely seen as a disaster for the country and her party.

Labour has maintained their lead in the polls since Rishi Sunak became prime minister, and might have a chance to win the general election based on the most recent polls.

Andrew Rogers, a mental health volunteer, said: “I have no faith in the Conservative government delivering anything constructive towards mental health, which is a driving force for me. Hence, I am keen to vote for a party which will be supportive.”

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