A gym reopened after £300,000 facelift

Over 150 people came to try out the new revamped gym this weekend in Bournemouth.

Over £300,000 is spent on the facelift of the gym that includes all the structure work and new fitness equipments.

Adam Jenkins, Health and Fitness Advisor for BH Live, said: “In the last few days, we are obviously trying to get people interested in the equipment in the gym.”

The gym that is in the Sir David English Sports Centre has been tripled in size with eight treadmills, four cross trainer, nine exercise bikes, two arc trainer, four rowers and some weight equipment.

Jenkins said: “It’s like a breath of fresh air to most people coming into the gym to see different machines, to see how they work and how that could tie in and how they would want to work out.”

The gym officially reopened on Monday, which was closed since December for renewal.

From April, with one BH Live Fitness Membership, members can use all four of the BH Live Leisure Centre across Bournemouth.
 The other three are Littledown Centre, Pelhams Park Leisure Centre and Stokewood Leisure Centre.

Centre manager James Atkinson said: “We are in this for a long term project. We’ve agreed to run the sports centre on behalf of Bournemouth School Charitable Trust till 2035.”

Atkinson is expecting about 600 members in total to participate, which would be three times than before.

Main photo: Xialu wang

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