A Race Council moves to Boscombe

Dorset Race Council in Bournemouth has moved to Boscombe to save money.

The independent organisation working for race equality in Dorset area, has moved from Russell House on Oxford Road to The Link in Boscombe where the premise is much cheaper.

Tony Bates, the project manager of the council said: “It is too expensive in Bournemouth. We save a lot of money by moving to this shared premise.”

The fund that the council gets is largely from the public sector which includes the local council, health sectors based on service-level agreements and public donation which is a quite small amount. Some specific projects such as the Workers Registration Scheme are able to get fund from Migration Impacts Fund supported by the central government. During such an economic downturn, the grant the council receives is cut and less money comes from the public sector as well.

The council admits that the financial issue has impact on its work. Adnan Chaudry, the chief officer said: “The service we provide is free. But there is limit. We can’t provide legal service. If we have more money, we would be able to offer more to people.”

As a registered charity and organisation for minority groups, the council is trying to raise more awareness among the public. It has organised an event called “Stake Holder” inviting people who are interested in this area to give suggestions and feedback on its work. Over 45 people showed up. Starting from 24 January, the council will hold a commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day in different places. The last stop will be in Bournemouth University Talbot Campus on 29 January.

“Hopefully, more people will realize our role in local communities and help us to do our work better,” Mr Chaudry said.


Picture: Wenyi Wang

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