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“We will take action” against antisemitic posters says University’s Head of Student Services

The head of Student Services at Bournemouth University says they will discipline individuals involved in placing antisemitic stickers on campus.

Mandi Barron told The Breaker: “If we find the perpetrator and it transpires that they are a member of the staff or student community then we will take disciplinary action.

“Thankfully this appears to have been an isolated incident with the posters being displayed in only one toilet on the campus.

“We have checked all other toilets and possible locations and continue to do so.

“We are working with the police to try to find out who might have posted them, obviously this could have been any member of staff, student or a visitor.”

Anti-semitic posters were found at Bournemouth University’s campus last Friday.

The president of the Jewish Society, Joseph Serfaty, was informed of the posters which contained hate images, slogans and conspiracy theories.

Mr Serfaty, who filmed and photographed the posters, said: “I’ve been a student here at Bournemouth for three years.

“I’ve never come across something like this. It’s horrifying how extreme these stickers are. It’s unashamedly anti-Jewish.”

The antisemitic stickers follow a spate of racist incidents at universities across the UK.

Mr Serfaty added: “We would criticise the university on their unwillingness to expose what has happened and the extent of the crime.

“I believe it’s a bit of ‘hush hush’ in terms of only making comments on social media and not so much outwardly telling the students ‘this happened and we can’t let this stand’.”

Bournemouth University are currently preparing to apply for the Bronze Race Equality Charter award which aims to improve the representation of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education.

Last month Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Vinney, launched a survey to help tackle racism on campus.

In an email to staff and students, he noted that ‘racial inequalities are a significant issue across the sector’.

Daniel Asaya, president of Bournemouth University’s Students’ Union president said of the posters: “It’s hateful, disgusting and it’s 2018, you expect people to just be nice and not be ignorant.

“We can’t be indifferent when it comes to issues of racism or any form of discrimination”.

Charlie Souther-Phillips, Vice President of Welfare at the Students’ Union, says they have been working on raising awareness of hate-crimes.

Bournemouth University said: “Now that this is a police matter, we will not be commenting further.”

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